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Quad Consulting specializes in growth strategy consulting and help organizations avoid the trap of defaulting to repetitive, predictable strategies and instead design vibrant approaches to thrive in an agile, digital, and purpose-driven future. Traditional strategic planning approaches are designed to kill off innovative growth strategies. Our proprietary Outthinker Process® offers the alternative. Rooted in over a decade of research, rigorously tested through more than 300 strategy efforts, our process differs in four important ways:We strategize from the future rather than the past. We apply “strategic narratives” to expand options rather than frameworks that narrow them. We design for what is possible rather than settle for what is predictable.We view strategy as a vibrant, inclusive conversation rather than a quarterly report

One-day Outthinker Workshop

Greatness takes time to perfect, but you’ll start the process today with dozens of fresh ideas, along with specific tools for future use, in a single, highly efficient workday.  Tackle a burning problem or accelerate your business in this one-day, concentrated exploration of innovative options. Experience a series of powerful exercises that empower you to apply new thinking patterns, create disruptive ideas, look over the horizon and identify unexpected opportunities. This powerful day (held at your location of choice) will deliver breakthrough ideas and expand your thinking. Position your team and organization to win in an increasingly complex, agile, and purpose-driven world. It will leave your teammates inspired by the possibility of your new ideas, and most importantly will move them to action. Learn the tools and approaches you and your team will adopt as an essential element of how you identify and react to new opportunities and competitive threats.

Deliverables :

  • 2-5 high-potential, disruptive ideas of achieving your vision and desired business outcomes
  • A backlog of 30-50 ideas to turn to in the future
  • A strategy report to document the discussion, ideas, decisions, and action-plan
  • A more creative and strategic team who has built powerful “muscle memory” to solve creative challenges on its own in the future
  • Alignment on a shared vision, set of goals, and leverage points

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