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  • NZ Gazelles Certified Coach

    Create a world-class team

    Would you enthusiastically rehire everyone on your team?

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  • Gazelles Certified Coach NZ

    Clear-Cut Growth Strategies

    Can you state your firm’s strategy simply? 

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  • Gazelles Certified Coach Auckland

    Ensure Strategies are executed

    Is your team executing with discipline and accountability?

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  • Gazelles Coach NZ

    Generate Cash For Growth

    Do you have consistent sources of cash to fuel growth?

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  • People Decisions

    Make the right people accountable for the right things with goals and measurable results.

    Strategy Decisions

    Develop an industry-dominating, competitor-crushing strategy.

    Execution Decisions

    Improve execution and efficiency; create clarity and focus in your organisation.

    Cash Decisions

    Generate more cash to fuel additional growth by streamlining the cash flow process.

    Certified Gazelles OutThinker Coach

    QUAD Consulting, located in Auckland, New Zealand, offers expert advice designed to help executives make the right decisions for their businesses relating to the four key areas of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.  It is crucial that the right decisions are made around these four areas if your company wants to succeed.

    Adrian Pickstock is a Business Strategist certified with Gazelles and Outthinkers servicing the New Zealand market. Working with key stakeholders, Adrian interrogates the business and trading environment to determine what the business is deeply passionate about, what the business can be the best-in-class at, and what drives its economic engine.  He will then help that business set, implement, and achieve its immediate and long term goals.

    Quad Consulting is aligned with Global Technology Venture Catalyst, StartMesh which supports the commercialisation of start-ups post the idea validation stage through to sustainable profitability or a liquidity event.

    Some of Quad Consulting’s clients: